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Willow Creek Fire Safe Council

November 9, and 10th, 2010:  The Willow Creek FSC is holding meetings to collect input on the Willow Creek Greater Area Community WIldfire Protection Plan.
The PUBLIC REVIEW DRAFT is available on this website, (CLICK HERE).  Hard copies are also available, visit the CWPP PAGE for more information.

November 4, 2010:   The WIllow Creek FSC held elections at it's monthly board of directors meeting.  Beginning Jan 1, 2011 the new organization of the FSC will be
Barbara Darst    President
Pat O'Hara   Vice President
Laurel Reimann Secretary
Susan Abbot Treasurer
Joe O'hara  Sgt at Arms
Congratulations to our newly elected officers!

January 12, 2010:   THE WILLOW CREEK FIRE SAFE COUNCIL IS NOW HIRING!  We are currently taking applications for a community
liaison to help us in the development of our Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  CLICK HERE for more information about this PAID position.

Dec 10-11, 2009:  The Willow Creek FSC attended the Northwest California Regional Fire Safe Conference. 
Agenda items at the conference included:
 Reviewing the Humboldt County Fire Protection Maps
 Challenges and Successesses
FSC Successes panel
Woody Biomass Utilization
Future of Fuels treatments
Building Materials and Design for Home Survival in Wildfire Prone Areas
BMP's and Environmental Compliance
Utilizing Cost Share Programs for Fuels Treatments

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Dec. 03. 2009:  Willow Creek FSC Announces it's Christmas Tree Recycing Program at the December meeting

November 5, 2009:  Willow Creek FSC has a new website.  Welcome!